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Cozq Summer 2017.png
Background Information
NameSofyan Rechchad
Country of BirthNetherlands
Alternate IDsLLL CozQ, CW Soef, CW CozQQ, Hayley Marshall, CozQ V2, CozQ V3, SMURF CozQ, Muslim Fatima, Muslim Beauty


2014 Season

Towards the end of the season, CozQ joined LowLandLions.White.

2015 Season

With LLL.White, CozQ qualified for the EUCS Spring Season via the EUCS Spring Qualifier after the team beat Different Dimension in their bracket final. The Spring Season was successful for the team, finishing in 2nd place. At this point, the team left the LowLandLions organization. In the Spring Playoffs, they beat Gamers2 before joining Copenhagen Wolves to form Copenhagen Wolves Academy. They went on to lose the final to Origen, meaning they would play in the EU LCS Summer Promotion. In the Summer Promotion, CozQ and the team were beaten by Team ROCCAT. Soon after, Copenhagen Wolves Academy disbanded.

CozQ then went on to join Team Gravy, and qualified for the EUCS Summer Qualifier via the Challenger Ladder. After the quarterfinals of the tournament, the team's roster was acquired by Denial eSports EU. CozQ and the team managed to qualify for the EUCS Summer Season, beating Ex Nihilo in their bracket final. The Summer Season itself was successful for CozQ and the team, finishing in 3rd place. In the Summer Playoffs, they were beaten in the semifinals by Team Dignitas EU before losing to Gamers2 in the 3rd place match, meaning they would not have a chance to qualify for the LCS.

CozQ and the team then participated in PGL Legends of the Rift - Season 1, where they managed to top their group. In the playoffs, they were knocked out of the upper portion of the bracket by To Infinity and Beyond before being knocked out of the lower portion of the bracket by Millenium, resulting for a 4th place finish for Denial eSports EU. CozQ left the team soon after.

He later joined E-corp Gaming, winning DoigCup 2 with the team. They went on to finish 2nd at ASUS RoG 2015 and in Millenium Predator Tournament 2015, losing to Millenium in the final of both.



Date Event Result
2016-03-08 2016 EUCS Spring Playoffs SF.png Inspire eSports 2 : 3 Humalogo std.png Huma
Date Event Result
2015-12-19 Millenium Predator Tournament 2015 Silver.png E-corp 0 : 3 M Spiritlogo std.png Millenium
2015-12-13 ASUS Republic of Gamers 2015 Silver.png E-corp 0 : 3 M Spiritlogo std.png Millenium
2015-11-22 DoigCup 2 Gold.png E-corp Gaming 3 : 0 KFRlogo std.png Katrina FR
2015-11-14 PGL Legends of the Rift S1 Copper.png DNL eu 0 : 2 M Spiritlogo std.png Millenium
2015-08-11 2015 EU Challenger Series Summer Playoffs Copper.png DNL eu 0 : 2 Gamers2logo std.png Gamers2
2015-07-22 2015 EU Challenger Series Summer Season Bronze.png denial.eu 6 : 4 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2015-07-05 eSports Festival 2015 Gold.png denial.eu 2 : 0 D EUlogo std.png Team Dignitas EU
2015-05-03 SCAN Invitational 2 Bronze.png CWA 2 : 0 ROXlogo std.png ROX
2015-04-08 2015 EU Challenger Series Spring Playoffs Silver.png CWA 0 : 3 Origenlogo std.png Origen
2015-03-25 2015 EU Challenger Series Spring Season Silver.png lll.w 6 : 4 Blanklogo std.png Not found


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