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Background Information
NameStephen Nguyen
Country of BirthCanada
Social Media
Peak LeagueChallenger I

Stephen "CloudNguyen" Nguyen is a Canadian player who was previously a substitute jungler for Team Dignitas.


Stephen "CloudNguyen" Nguyen has played for multiple teams in the Challenger scene, including No Dice Gaming and Girlfriends.

2015 Preseason

In November 2014, CloudNguyen substituted for compLexity.Black for the Expansion tournament when Xmithie was unable to play due to having joined Counter Logic Gaming (though the reasons for Xmithie's departure were not public at the time). The team lost 0-2 to Final Five in the second round of the tournament, after a first-round bye. After the Expansion Tournament, CloudNguyen left compLexity and joined Team FeaR along with RF Legendary, Pekin Woof, cre4tive, and i Am Anjo in order to play in the 2015 NACS Spring Qualifier. Under the name Team FeaR Gaming on the ladder, they placed eighth, ahead of Storm and behind Team Fusion.

2015 Season

Prior to the qualifier, the roster left Team FeaR and reformed under the name Rock Bottom Gorillas. They lost to CLG Black in the first round of the qualifier.

In February, Crumbzz departed Team Dignitas.[1] The next day, CloudNguyen was announced as their starting jungler for week 3 of the LCS.[2] CloudNguyen played with Dignitas in weeks 4 and 5 and then was replaced by Azingy for week 6.




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