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Legacy Cardrid.png
Background Information
NameHarry Archer
Country of BirthAustralia
Peak LeagueGold I
Alternate IDsMF Cardrid, Av Cardrid ASUS, L Cardrid, Cardrido, LGC Cardrid, SIN Cardrid

Harry "Cardrid" Archer was previously the AD carry for Sin Gaming.


Harry "Cardrid" Archer is from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He currently lives in Melbourne, Victoria. When he was growing up, he played many types of games from MMORPGs to shooters.

League of Legends Career

Cardrid subbed for Lilac Parade in 2013 before joining Seraphic Nexus as the starting AD carry, playing there from October to December 2013. The team competed in several NA Go4LoL tournaments online. After leaving Seraphic Nexus, Cardrid played with Mindfreak eSports until its roster was acquired by Avant Garde to create Avant Garde Ascension. In July 2014, the team left Avant Garde and began to compete under the name Legacy eSports.

In January 2015, Cardrid swapped roles with teammate Tallywhacka, moving to top lane; however, two months later he was Cardrid was moved to a substitute position and replaced on the starting roster in the top lane by Minkywhale. Cardrid briefly played with Legacy Genesis back at AD carry but left the Legacy organization in June to join Sin Gaming.


  • Outside of League of Legends, favorite games are Warcraft 3, Age of Empires, and Hearthstone.
  • The name "Cardrid" was his brother's World of Warcraft name until he took over the account.
  • Is 201 centimeters tall.
  • Says he can "make weird noises."


Date Event Result
2016-03-30 Oceanic Pro League 2016 Split 1 Playoffs SF.png sin 0 : 3 CHFlogo std.png Chiefs eSports Club
Date Event Result
2014-11-02 2014 Oceanic Regional Tournament Grand Finals Silver.png legacy 2 : 3 Avlogo std.png Avant Gaming
2014-08-14 2014 Season International Wild Card Tournament Silver.png legacy 0 : 3 DPlogo std.png Dark Passage
2014-06-22 2014 Oceanic Regional Tournament Winter Gold.png av.a 3 : 2 Immlogo std.png Team Immunity