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Background Information
NameRam Djemal
Country of BirthIsrael
TeamDream Team
Peak LeagueChallenger I
Alternate IDsTCM Brokenshard, DB Brokenshard, UR Brokenshard, AL Brokenshard, vG Brokenshard, JEW Brokenshard, Brokenshard v2, DTG Brokenshard (NA), coL Brokenshard (NA), SK Brokenshard, Brokenshard XD, CW Brokenshard, MYM BigSorry


Before becoming Determined Gaming's jungler, he played for teams such as TCM-Gaming, DragonBorns, Absolute Legends.Omega, ESC Gaming, and IWantCookie. He later joined compLexity Gaming and qualified for the NA LCS, but after a few weeks he was forced to go back to Europe due to visa issues. He then joined SK Gaming Prime, where he was noticed and picked up by Copenhagen Wolves. He left SK to play in the LCS for Copenhagen Wolves, but he later left that roster when they placed eighth in the league after the final super week. He then joined the Gamers 2 organization as a coach/analyst and has since stated publicly that he is happy with where he is.

2015 Preseason

In October 2014, Brokenshard began to co-host the talk show First Blood, along with Richard Lewis and NintendudeX.

On November 12th, 2014, Brokenshard announced his departure from Gamers 2.[1]

On November 30th, 2014, the news broke that Brokenshard would join H2k-Gaming as coach for the time of the Expansion Tournament.[2]

2015 Season

After the Expansion Tournament Brokenshard left H2k-Gaming. In January 2015, he returned to play, joining SK Gaming Prime as their jungler. Soon after this, Dignitas aquired the team's roster, forming Team Dignitas EU. Brokenshard competed in the EU Challenger Spring Split with the team. The team finished in 4th place, qualifying them for the Spring Playoffs, however due to Sencux and Wunderwear being underage, they could not play with the current roster. Instead of finding substitutes, they opted to give up their spot in the playoffs, which then went to 5th place Reason Gaming. After the spring split, Brokenshard moved from being a player to coaching the team, and they qualified for the LCS. Dignitas was faced with the decision of choosing which of their two LCS teams to sell, and kept their North American team, bringing Brokenshard over as a coach.

After IEM Cologne in December 2015, Brokenshard left Dignitas, and analyst Raz replaced him as the team's head coach.[3]


  •  Lee Sin is his favorite and most played champion.
  • Infamous for being executed as he attempted to take his red buff against Evil Geniuses.
  • Plays  Xin Zhao and  Olaf very often.
  • Known for swapping champions with Spontexx at the last seconds.
  • Qualified for Season 3 with DragonBorns at the LCS EU offline qualifier.
  • First LCS player from Israel
  • His name comes from an incident where his friend crashed through a window and exclaimed "Wow, look at all these broken shards!"


As a Coach

Date Event Result
2015-08-12 2015 EU Challenger Series Summer Playoffs Gold.png d eu 3 : 2 Mouzlogo std.png mousesports
2015-07-22 2015 EU Challenger Series Summer Season Silver.png dig eu 8 : 2 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2015-07-18 DreamHack Valencia 2015 Gold.png dig eu 2 : 1 K1cklogo std.png K1ck Black
2015-07-05 eSports Festival 2015 Silver.png dig eu 0 : 2 DNL EUlogo std.png Denial eSports EU
2015-05-03 SCAN Invitational 2 Gold.png dig eu 3 : 2 LDLClogo std.png Team-LDLC
2015-04-30 League One European Cup Week 3 Silver.png dig eu FF : W RGlogo std.png Reason Gaming
2015-04-26 League of Sharks 2015 Gold.png dig eu 3 : 0 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2015-04-23 League One European Cup Week 2 Gold.png dig eu 2 : 1 Mouzlogo std.png mousesports
2015-04-16 League One European Cup Week 1 Silver.png dig eu 0 : 2 Blanklogo std.png Not found

As a Player

Date Event Result
2015-02-03 2015 EU Challenger Series Spring Qualifier Qualified.png SKP 2 : 1 SPARTAlogo std.png ThunderBot SPARTA
Date Event Result
2014-05-04 Lone Star Clash 3 Bronze.png col 0 : 2 T8logo std.png Team 8
2014-04-13 2014 NA Challenger Playoffs Bronze.png compLexity.Black CoL.Blacklogo std.png 3 : 2 Crs Acadlogo std.png Curse Academy
2014-02-16 2014 NA Challenger Series Spring #1 Silver.png col.black 0 : 2 LMQlogo std.png LMQ
Date Event Result
2013-12-14 North American Challenger League SF.png dtg 1 : 2 CSTlogo std.png Team Coast








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