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LSPL 2015 Summer Relegation

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2015 LoL Secondary Pro League Summer Relegation
LSPL no Background.png
League Information
Organizer: Tencent Games
Event Type: Offline
Country China China
Start Date: 2015-03-17
End Date: 2015-03-24
Links: Website

The LSPL is the second tier of China's League of Legends League.



  • Double-elimination.
  • Matches are Best of Three.
  • Top 4 teams will be seeded into the next season's LSPL.
  • Bottom 4 teams are eliminated.

Qualifying Teams

Place Team
Q EPClogo std.png Energy Pacemaker.Carries
PElogo std.png Positive Energy
2144logo std.png 2144 Gaming
EPAlogo std.png Energy Pacemaker.All


2144 Gaming
2144 Gaminglogo square.png
China Loser  
China Ayue
China Maple
China Sprout
China Minoko
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Energy Pacemaker.A
EPA 2016 logo.png
South Korea GimGoon  
South Korea AMEL
China Eshen
China Romantic
China 2Egg
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Energy Pacemaker.Carries
EP.C logo.png
South Korea yizhen  
South Korea Blank
China Aixin
China YYYF
China Kmi
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Positive Energy
Positive Energylogo square.png
China 17  
South Korea MOON
Hong Kong JoJo
China LL
South Korea Bingo
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Snake Honor Esports
Snake Honor Esportslogo square.png
China Aliez  
China Eldred
China Yog
China Martin
China Right
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Stand Point Gaming
Stand Point Gaminglogo square.png
China Soda  
China QiuQiu
China Cherish522
China MasterMao
China 300
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Team DK
Team DKlogo square.png
South Korea Limit  
China shiqu
South Korea degree
China fengji
China nnnnn
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Wings of Aurora
Wings of Auroralogo square.png
China Zaii  
China yesu
China HaoKai
China Ab
China damingge
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Bracket Stage

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  EPClogo std.png EPC 2
  DKlogo std.png DK 0
  EPClogo std.png EPC 2
  SPGlogo std.png SPG 0
  SPGlogo std.png SPG 2
  2144logo std.png 2144 1
  EPClogo std.png EPC
  PElogo std.png PE
  WOAlogo std.png WOA 0
  SHElogo std.png SHE 2
  SHElogo std.png SHE 0
  PElogo std.png PE 2
  EPAlogo std.png EPA 1   
  PElogo std.png PE 2   
Loser's bracket
  SHElogo std.png SHE 0
  DKlogo std.png DK 0
  2144logo std.png 2144 2   
  2144logo std.png 2144 2   2144logo std.png 2144
  EPAlogo std.png EPA
  SPGlogo std.png SPG 0
  WOAlogo std.png WOA 0
  EPAlogo std.png EPA 2
  EPAlogo std.png EPA 2

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