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LJL 2015 Season 2 Survival Match

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2015 LoL Japan League
Season 2 Survival Match
2015 LJL logo 2.png
League Information
Organizer: e-sports SQUARE
Sponsor: Logicool G
Event Type: Offline
Country: Japan Japan
Date: 2015-04-04
Links: Website

The 2015 L.J League Season 2 Survival Match sees the top 2 teams from LJL Challenger Series Season 2 face off against the bottom 2 teams from LJL Season 1 for 2 places in LJL Season 2.



Qualifying Teams

Place Team
Q ARlogo std.png ApeX R Gaming
RJlogo std.png Rascal Jester


From LJL Season 1 (2)
RJlogo std.png Rascal Jester SJlogo std.png Salvage Javelin
From LJL Challenger Season 2 (2)
ARlogo std.png ApeX R Gaming Blanklogo std.png Not found


  Group A
   SJlogo std.png SJ 0
   ARlogo std.png AR 2
  Group B
   RJlogo std.png RJ 2
   Blanklogo std.png none 0

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