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WCG 2013 Qualifiers/Chile

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WCG 2013 Chile Qualfiers
League Information
Organizer:WCG Chile
Event TypeOnline/Offline
CountryChile Chile
Start date2013-10-09
End date2013-11-03



  • Bracket
    • 32 teams in four bracket of 8
    • Single elimination, best of three
    • Top fourth teams qualify for the offline finals at Centro de Extensión UC
  • Final Bracket
    • Single elimination bracket
    • All matches are best of three
    • Winner qualifies for WCG 2013

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team
1st WCG 2013 Seed RPE Eclipselogo std.png RPE Eclipse
2st CL5.Llogo std.png ChiLeanFivE The Legacy
3st Blanklogo std.png Not found
4st RoHlogo std.png Renegades of Hell

Offline Participants


Online Qualifiers

Group A

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Chile Royal Paladin Eclipse W
 Chile Useless Gaming FF
 Chile Royal Paladin Eclipse W
 Chile Theta Tean FF
 Chile Shut up & Play 1
 Chile Theta Tean 2
 Chile Royal Paladin Eclipse 2
 Chile Ambush 0
 Chile Dragons Clan 1
 Chile Ambush 2
 Chile  Ambush 2
 Chile Imperius 0
 Chile Missclick Gaming 0
 Chile Imperius 2

Group B

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Chile Chilean Five 2
 Chile Wargos 0
 Chile Chilean Five 0
 Chile  Hight Hopes 2
 Chile Hight Hopes 2
 Chile TNS 0
 Chile Hight Hopes 2
 Chile Kaos Lating Gamers South 0
 Chile Kaos Lating Gamers South W
 Chile Wena Willy FF
 Chile Kaos Lating Gamers South 2
 Chile Nintendo Stars 1
 Chile Nintendo Stars 2
 Chile Rage Incoming 0

Group C

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Chile The Legacy W
 Chile LeeU Team FF
 Chile The Legacy 2
 Chile Explosion in the Sky 0
 Chile Explosion in the Sky 2
 Chile TSS 0
 Chile The Legacy 2
 Chile Rebirth eSports 0
 Chile We Need Nerf 2
 Chile Team SA-LA-WA 0
 Chile We Need Nerf 0
 Chile Rebirth eSports 2
 Chile LSD 0
 Chile Rebirth eSports 2

Group D

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Chile UMAD 2
 Chile Gaming Kingdom 0
 Chile UMAD FF
 Chile Zaphiro W
 Chile Manda Fruta 0
 Chile Zaphiro 2
 Chile Zaphiro 0
 Chile Renegades Of Hell 2
 Chile Renegades Of Hell W
 Chile Bluff Gaming FF
 Chile Renegades Of Hell 2
 Chile Punto CL 0
 Chile TFL 0
 Chile Punto CL 2

National Final

  Semifinals Finals
  RPE Eclipselogo std.png RPE Eclipse 2
  Blanklogo std.png none 0
  RPE Eclipselogo std.png RPE Eclipse 2
  CL5.Llogo std.png CL5.L 0
  CL5.Llogo std.png CL5.L 2
  RoHlogo std.png RoH 0 3rd place match
  Blanklogo std.png none 2
  RoHlogo std.png RoH 0

Show Match: International Challenge

  Round 1
   ISGlogo std.png ISG 1
   RoHlogo std.png RoH 1


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