Tencent Games Carnival 2011

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Tencent Games Carnival 2011
League Information
Organizer: Organizer
Sponsor: Sponsor
Server: China
Event Type: Offline
Country China China
Format: Groups + Playoffs
Prize pool: ¥ 350,000
Date: 2011-11-19
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Tencent Games Carnival is an annual event organized by Tencent.


The Tencent Games Carnival is an annual event held by Tencent. The 2011 event took place at the Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion.


There were 8 regional qualifiers. The top 8 teams advanced to compete at the live event. They were divided into 2 groups. The Group stage were a Best of 1 Double Elimination format. The top 2 teams advanced to the playoffs. The playoffs were a Best of 1 Single Elimination format.

Prize Pool

¥350,000 CNY (Approximately $56,000 USD, €44,000 EUR) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (CNY) ≈Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) Team
Gold.png 1st ¥ 200,000 $ 32,000 € 24,000 Welogo std.png Team WE
Silver.png 2nd ¥ 100,000 $ 16,000 € 12,000 Ehlogo std.png EHOME
Bronze.png 3rd ¥ 50,000 $ 8,000 € 6,000 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming

*Converted prizes calculated on November 19th, 2011 with a currency rate of 1 CNY = 0.16 USD = 0.12 EUR provided by http://www.xe.com/.


Canis Lupus Campestris
Canis Lupus Campestrislogo square.png
China WhIteCreScent  
China Ronaldo
China Dgc
China Tyrant
China JTS
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Team Sun
Default logo150.png
China 赵玉龙  
China 崔顺云
China 葛玉章
China 杜日峰
China 何梓宣
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Invictus Gaming
Invictus Gaminglogo square.png
China XiaoXiao  
China illuSioN
Hong Kong Wh1t3zZ
Hong Kong MikakoTabe
Hong Kong ChrIs
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All Gamers
All Gamerslogo square.png
China Earth  
China Karthus
China Anivia
China Jarvan
China MTY
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EHOMElogo square.png
China Pdd  
China MAX
China CR
China Lucky
China ILY
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Default logo150.png
China 陈喆  
China 尹扬扬  
China 李侃  
China 靳世斌  
China 时超  
China 张佳黛  
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Team WE
Team WElogo square.png
Hong Kong YMS  
China YJTM
China Misaya
China WeiXiao
China if
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Group Stage

Group A

Group A
1. IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming 2-0
2. Logo std2.png Weiwenhuamin 2-1
3. Clclogo std.png Canis Lupus Campestris 1-2
4. Logo std2.png Team Sun 0-2
Group A Matches
WWHM Logo std2.png 1 0 Clclogo std.png CLC
Sun Logo std2.png 0 1 IGlogo std.png iG
WWHM Logo std2.png 0 1 IGlogo std.png iG
CLC Clclogo std.png 1 0 Logo std2.png Sun
WWHM Logo std2.png 1 0 Clclogo std.png CLC

Group B

Group B
1. Welogo std.png Team WE 2-0
2. Ehlogo std.png EHOME 2-1
3. AllGamersLogo std.png All Gamers 1-2
4. Logo std2.png Hulu 0-2
Group B Matches
EHOME Ehlogo std.png 1 0 AllGamersLogo std.png AG
Hulu Logo std2.png 0 1 Welogo std.png WE
EHOME Ehlogo std.png 0 1 Welogo std.png WE
AG AllGamersLogo std.png 1 0 Logo std2.png Hulu
EHOME Ehlogo std.png 1 0 AllGamersLogo std.png AG


  Semifinals Finals
  IGlogo std.png iG 0
  Ehlogo std.png EHOME 1
  Ehlogo std.png EHOME 0
  Welogo std.png WE 1
  Logo std2.png WWHM 0
  Welogo std.png WE 1 3rd place match
  Logo std2.png WWHM 0
  IGlogo std.png iG 1

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