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How to add teams to the template

  1. Every team is in the list of the first letter in the shorthandle that was added before the =
  2. Teams that could be accessed by handles with different starting letters are added in both now
    • Example: Dignitaslogo std.png Team Dignitas
      |team dignitas={{#vardefine:teamLong|Team Dignitas}}{{#vardefine:teamShort|d}}
      The above mentioned part is added to the Template:Teamnames/T, while the below listed part is added to Template:Teamnames/D now.
      |dignitas={{#vardefine:teamLong|Team Dignitas}}{{#vardefine:teamShort|d}}
  3. Everything that doesn't start with a normal letter was put into Template:Teamnames/def. (def = default)

If the link to a team page needs to be different than the complete name of the team (for example because of a Disambiguation), then you can add the link as after the teamShort.

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