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Swip3rR on  Shen in OPL 2015 Split 2 (See Full MH)
Date P Team Vs W/L Len Vs K D A KDA Spells CS G Items SB MH VOD
2015-07-09 5.12 Chiefslogo std.png ABSlogo std.png Win 28:28 Cho'Gath 2 1 11 13.0 Flash.pngTeleport.png 181 10.4k EmptyIcon.pngMercury's Treads.pngRanduin's Omen.pngPhage.pngSpirit Visage.pngEmptyIcon.png Greater Stealth Totem.png Link Link -
Total 1 1 0 100 2 1 11 13.00 181 6.36 10.4k 365 61.9% 9.5% 18.9%
All tournament  Shen games 8 6 2 75 1.5 1.63 9.75 6.92 245.63 6.85 12.08k 337 75% 10% 19.9%
All tournament Swip3rR games 14 14 0 100 4.14 2.43 8.5 5.21 221.29 6.47 N/A N/A 58.4% 19.1% N/A
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This query is primarily intended for use by clicking a link from a player stats page but may also be used on its own.

Instructions For Use - This page is in beta and so it's a bit complicated to use! Please read everything.

  1. Choose the champion you want to display from the dropdown.
  2. Go to the player's Match History page (e.g. if you want to show Faker, go to Faker/Match History).
  3. Click View Source in the upper-right-hand corner of the page (Edit if you're logged in).
  4. Copy each of the different names in [[SP Name::]] into the name fields. There may be unused fields on the template. This will ensure that you aren't missing any games due to namechanges or capitalization changes.
  5. Some players may have a field that says [[SP Link::]] (for example, Amazing (Maurice St├╝ckenschneider)/Match History). If this is the case, copy that link into the Link field.

Additional Notes:

  • You must have at least one argument filled in, either a name or a link.
  • Don't write the text "SP Name::" or "SP Link::" into the fields on this page; only write the names; e.g. you would write "Faker" or "Amazing (Maurice St├╝ckenschneider)".
  • Fields are case-sensitive and underscore/space sensitive. This runs contrary to what you might know about how MediaWiki works, but that's how the Semantic database works. That's why you need so many fields for some players.