Predators eSports

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Predators eSports
Team Information
Location: Mexico Mexico
Coaches: Victor "Victpm" Corrales
Iasi "Oxaciano" Salomon
Analysts: Estephan "Scarface" Méndez
Managers: Edgar "Edgaars" Pérez
Sponsor(s): Exceltec Business Solutions
Facebook: Predators eSports
Twitter: PrdatorsEsports
Created: Organization 2015-12
LoL Division 2015-12
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Predators eSports is a Latin American League of Legends team. They were previously known as Exceltec Predators.



  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role Contract Ends
Current Official Residency Spain jer0m Jerónimo Pujades 01 Top 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency Spain Fénec César Bautista 02 Jungle 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency Mexico Icytower Marcelo Barba 03 Mid 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency Mexico xpng Iván Ortíz 04 AD 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency Costa Rica Choisix Steven Cordero 05 Support 2017-11-20
Current Official Residency Mexico Snow Raúl Portales 06 Sub/Top 2017-11-20


ID Name Position Next Team
Mexico Promitio Fernando Mora 02 Jungle
Costa Rica Baula Alejandro Serrano 05 Support ZTGlogo std.png ZAGA Talent Gaming
Costa Rica Acerola Daniel Villalobos 02 Jungle BrawLlogo std.png BrawL eSports
Peru Janoz Javier Sarmiento 03 Mid
Costa Rica Shakeit Kevin Carmona 04 AD Logo std2.png 6Sense
Costa Rica Wishmaster Carlos Carranza 05 Support Logo std2.png AUT
Venezuela Devil Víctor Díaz 11 Sub



ID Name Position
Mexico Edgaars Edgar Pérez Team Manager
Spain Victpm Victor Corrales Head Coach
Argentina Oxaciano Iasi Salomon 11 Strategic Coach
Guatemala Scarface Estephan Méndez Analyst


ID Name Position Next Team
Venezuela Schmerz Mario Falcone Analyst Logo std2.png 6Sense

Team Achievements

Highlight Videos


Additional Content

  • 2016

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