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2017 Season

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  • North America
  • Europe
  • Korea
  • China
  • TW/HK/MO
  • LCS
NA LCS 2015.png
Regular Season
Jan 20th - ??? ?? 2017

1. C9logo std.png Cloud9 1-0 (2-0)
1. FLYlogo std.png FlyQuest 1-0 (2-0)
1. Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid 1-0 (2-0)
4. Dignitaslogo std.png Team Dignitas 1-0 (2-1)
5. P1logo std.png Phoenix1 1-1 (3-2)
6. IMTlogo std.png Immortals 1-1 (3-3)
6. Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming 1-1 (2-2)
8.Tsmlogo std.png Team SoloMid 1-1 (2-3)
9. EFXlogo std.png Echo Fox 0-2 (1-4)
10. NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs 0-2 (0-4)
Latest News
January 19th
News Label - Oceania.png Sinlogo std.png Sin Flaresz joins.
News Label - Europe.png Giantslogo std.png Giants SONSTAR has re-joined as Strategic Coach.
January 18th
News Label - North America.png IMTlogo std.png IMT Jish officially joins as Assistant Coach.
News Label - China.png ZTR Gaminglogo std.png ZTR Watch has now retired.
News Label - SEA.png Klhlogo std.png KLH OzoraVeki leaves.
January 17th
News Label - Oceania.png Sinlogo std.png Sin FBI joins.
January 16th
News Label - Europe.png VITlogo std.png VIT Shaunz joins as Head of Esports.
January 15th
News Label - Oceania.png DWlogo std.png DW Shernfire joins as a sub.
News Label - Latin America South.png DHlogo std.png DH iBreak joins. Sonata moves to starting mid laner. AlexKid moves to analyst. LukasNegro and Kaoz join as subs.
News Label - Oceania.png
Shernfire is ineligible to play for the first two matches of the 2017 OPL Season.
January 13th
News Label - North America.png Liquidlogo std.png Liquid Saintvicious joins as strategic coach.
News Label - Europe.png S04logo std.png S04 Smittyj, loulex, Selfie, upset and VandeR join. Veteran joins as head coach. Nodriza joins as head analyst. Nyph leaves coaching role.
News Label - Europe.png MSFlogo std.png MSF Deadly joins as a sub.
News Label - Brazil.png IDMlogo std.png IDM Skywaf, bielz, Tomate, Klaus and K0ga leave.
January 12th
News Label - Latin America South.png KLGlogo std.png KLG Frescolite moves to starting support.
News Label - Europe.png Milllogo std.png M Mimic, Steal, P1noy and Norskeren join.
January 11th
News Label - North America.png NVlogo std.png nV Falco joins as head coach
News Label - Oceania.png Avlogo std.png Av Pinch joins as head coach
News Label - Europe.png KIYFlogo std.png KIYF Carbono, Special and Toaster join. TynX and Abaria leave.
News Label - Brazil.png Logo std2.png IHKS Fafnyr and WizardKira join as analysts.
News Label - Oceania.png Chiefslogo std.png Chiefs Swip3rR, Spookz, Swiffer and EGym rejoin.
News Label - CIS.png Logo std2.png M19 VincentVega joins. Stierlitz joins as a sub. dayruin joins as head coach. Ansva moves to manager and assistant coach.
News Label - International.png
Patch v7.1 is released.

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Tournament Match Countdown
LLN 2017 Opening
PDA PDAlogo std.png vs GGaminglogo std.png GGaming
LLN 2017 Opening
Dash9 Dash9logo std.png vs ZTGlogo std.png ZTG
LCK 2017 Spring
SKT T1 SKT1Logo std.png vs ROXTlogo std.png ROXT
LCK 2017 Spring
Samsung Samsunglogo std.png vs MVPlogo std.png MVP
LLN 2017 Opening
INF CR INF CRlogo std.png vs Lyonlogo std.png Lyon
LLN 2017 Opening
IFG IFGlogo std.png vs GGaminglogo std.png GGaming
LCK 2017 Spring
LZ LongZhulogo std.png vs KTRolsterLogo std.png KT
LCK 2017 Spring
bbq Bbqlogo std.png vs JAGlogo std.png Jin Air
LLN 2017 Opening
JTHvK JTHvKlogo std.png vs ZTGlogo std.png ZTG
LLN 2017 Opening
PDA PDAlogo std.png vs Dash9logo std.png Dash9
EU LCS 2017 Spring
UOL UOLlogo std.png vs Origenlogo std.png Origen
EU LCS 2017 Spring
MSF MSFlogo std.png vs ROCCATlogo std.png ROCCAT
EU LCS 2017 Spring
VIT VITlogo std.png vs Splycelogo std.png Splyce
EU LCS 2017 Spring
Giants Giantslogo std.png vs Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
NA LCS 2017 Spring
FLY FLYlogo std.png vs Clglogo std.png CLG
NA LCS 2017 Spring
TSM Tsmlogo std.png vs Dignitaslogo std.png d
OPL 2017 Split 1
Sin Sinlogo std.png vs Avlogo std.png Av
OPL 2017 Split 1
LGC LGClogo std.png vs Abysslogo std.png Abyss
EU LCS 2017 Spring
UOL UOLlogo std.png vs H2klogo std.png H2k
EU LCS 2017 Spring
MSF MSFlogo std.png vs G2logo std.png G2
NA LCS 2017 Spring
IMT IMTlogo std.png vs C9logo std.png C9
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Current Patch: v7.1
Featured Mode: Ascension (1/20 - 1/23)