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2016 Season

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  • North America
  • Europe
  • Korea
  • China
  • TW/HK/MO
  • IWC
  • LCS
  • CS
CS EU logo.png
Regular Season
Jun 7th - Jul 5th 2016

1. Humalogo std.png Huma 3 pts (1-0-0)
1. Milllogo std.png Millenium 3 pts (1-0-0)
3. MFTlogo std.png Misfits 1 pt (0-1-0)
3. Forgelogo std.png Team Forge 1 pt (0-1-0)
5. EpsilonEsportsLogo std.png Epsilon eSports 0 pts (0-0-1)
5. Nervlogo std.png Nerv 0 pts (0-0-1)
Latest News
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June 7th
News Label - Latin America South.png LKlogo std.png LK Wardz leaves. Primoo moves to jungle.
News Label - Europe.png Origenlogo std.png Origen xPeke moves to starting AD carry. FORG1VEN moves to sub.
News Label - Korea.png RSGlogo std.png RSG Ace joins.
June 6th
News Label - Latin America South.png Bulletslogo std.png Bullets Relenus leaves.
June 5th
News Label - China.png Snakelogo std.png Snake SofM moves from trainee to the starting roster.
June 4th
News Label - Europe.png VITlogo std.png VIT Reje joins.
June 3rd
News Label - North America.png DTlogo std.png dT Papa Chau rejoins.
News Label - North America.png Apexlogo std 2.png Apex P Cris, Diamondprox, Shiphtur, Roar, and KonKwon join. Thal, Shrimp, Apollo, and Xpecial join as subs.
News Label - North America.png Eanixlogo std.png Eanix k3soju, ShorterACE, Poppers OP, Impactful, and Nisker join.
News Label - Europe.png Nervlogo std.png Nerv Team acquires the EUCS seed of CHWLogo std.png Copenhagen Wolves. Wickd, Memento, Godbro, Nardeus, and wewillfailer join.
News Label - Europe.png Humalogo std.png Huma Jwaow, Impaler, Caedrel, Krislund, and Wendelbo join. Lamabear joins as a sub.
News Label - Europe.png EpsilonEsportsLogo std.png Epsilon Team acquires the EUCS seed of Inspirelogo std.png Inspire eSports. Satorius, Kirei, CozQ, Woolite, and NoXiAK join.
News Label - Europe.png MFTlogo std.png MFT IgNar joins. Dreams moves to sub.

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Tournament Match Countdown
LAN 2016 Closing Cup
GLG GGamerslogo std.png vs Lyonlogo std.png Lyon
BRCC 2016 Winter
INTZ AC INTZ AClogo std.png vs EChamplogo std.png eChamp
LAN 2016 Closing Cup
RvG e RvG eSplogo std.png vs ZTGlogo std.png ZTG
LSPL 2016 Summer
TBG TBGlogo std.png vs LDGlogo std.png LDG
LCK 2016 Summer
Samsung Samsunglogo std.png vs JAGlogo std.png Jin Air
LSPL 2016 Summer
ING INGlogo std.png vs WYDlogo std.png WYD
LJL 2016 Summer Season
RPG Rampagelogo std.png vs TBElogo std.png TBE
LSPL 2016 Summer
TKF TKFlogo std.png vs OMDlogo std.png OMD
LSPL 2016 Summer
ING INGlogo std.png vs LDGlogo std.png LDG
LCK 2016 Summer
KT KTRolsterLogo std.png vs KOOlogo std.png ROXT
LSPL 2016 Summer
2144 2144logo std.png vs WYDlogo std.png WYD
LSPL 2016 Summer
OMD OMDlogo std.png vs YMlogo std.png YM
LSPL 2016 Summer
2144 D 2144 Dlogo std.png vs RVGRlogo std.png RVGR
LAS 2016 Closing Cup
LK LKlogo std.png vs KLGlogo std.png KLG
LAS 2016 Closing Cup
ISG ISGlogo std.png vs FGlogo std.png FG
NACS 2016 Summer Season
Liquid A Liquid Alogo std.png vs C9logo std.png C9C
NACS 2016 Summer Season
Eanix Eanixlogo std.png vs DTlogo std.png dT
NACS 2016 Summer Season
Nova Novalogo std.png vs Apexlogo std 2.png Apex P
CK 2016 Summer
VIR VIRlogo std.png vs IGSlogo std.png IGS
LPL 2016 Summer
Snake Snakelogo std.png vs Saintlogo std.png Saint
LCK 2016 Summer
Ever Everlogo std.png vs LongZhulogo std.png LZ
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Current Patch: v6.11
Featured Mode: Hexakill (06/10 - 06/12)