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2017 Season

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Latest News
November 16th
Lyonlogo std.png Lyon WhiteLotus has been suspended until May 1st, 2018 for misconduct.
November 13th
Logo std2.png ΟΟΒ Steve joins as a coach.
November 13th
CJElogo std.png CJ Roster disbands. Soul, Winged, caNdy, Pure and Raccoon leave.
November 4th
Finals VODs for the 2017 World Championship are up! Head on over here!
WCS 2015 small.png
Samsunglogo std.png Samsung Galaxy takes Gold.png SKT1Logo std.png SK Telecom T1 takes Silver.png 2017 Season World Championship
November 3th
Logo std2.png 6Sense Choisix joins.
November 2th
Logo std2.png 6Sense Akari joins as the team's Analyst.
INF CRlogo std.png INF CR Akari leaves.
October 31st
Snakelogo std.png Snake Tom retires.
October 30th
JTHvKlogo std.png JTHvK DCStar and Deps leave.
October 28th
RNGlogo std.png RNG Firefox resigns from his Head Coach position.
October 26th
Logo std2.png D9 Nobody leaves.
Snakelogo std.png Snake Ohq leaves.
October 25th
FGlogo std.png FG Uri leaves.
October 24th
S04logo std.png S04 Liq joins as the Head of Esports and Krepo joins as Head Coach.
October 23rd
ISGlogo std.png ISG Nipphu joins.
October 22nd
Latest VODs for the 2017 World Championship are up! Head on over here!
October 21st
PDAlogo std.png PDA Arce joins.
UOLlogo std.png UOL Romain leaves.
October 20th
CNB govTLogo std.png CNB Rakin joins.
Painlogo std.png paiN TinOwns and takeshi joins.
HAFlogo std.png HAF Oxaciano becomes the team's Head Coach.
DWlogo std.png DW Destiny announces free agency.
October 19th
DWlogo std.png DW Phantiks becomes the team's Position Coach.
PDAlogo std.png PDA Choisix announces free agency.
October 18th
Riot rejects Phoenix1, Team EnVyUs, and Team Dignitas franchise applications for the 2018 season.
KStarslogo std.png kStars tockers joins.
REDClogo std.png REDC tockers leaves.
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Current Patch: v7.22
Featured Mode: Ascension (11/10 - 11/21)