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2016 LSPL Summer Relegation
LSPL no Background.png
League Information
Organizer: Tencent Games
Event Type: Offline
Country China China
Start Date: 2016-04-10
End Date: 2016-04-11
Links: Website
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Qualifying Teams

Place Team
Q OMDlogo std.png Oh My Dream
SH Royallogo std.png Star Horn Royal Club


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Oh My Dream
China LaoZhou
China jiekou
China XiaoWeiXiao
South Korea Hawk
China Naranja
China Tale
China CAT
China 007
South Korea TT
SH Royal Club
China Lies
China hu1
China Corn
China BoBo
China Southwind
China Fate
China Wei
Unlimited Potential
China Carry
China World6
China Peng
China Xuan
China BoxeR
China Hetong
China Kai
Wan Yoo
China yueyueyue
China tim9
South Korea Seok1
South Korea Deul
China Maps
South Korea Destiny
South Korea KaKAO
China Poems
China z1hao
Hong Kong kane


  Match A
   OMDlogo std.png OMD 3
   UPlogo std.png UP 1
  Match B
   SH Royallogo std.png SH Royal 3
   Wan Yoologo std.png WY 0

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Schedule & VoDs

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Game Schedule
Round Match Result Date PDT EDT CEST TST Countdown VoDs/Stream Discussion
Game 1
OMD OMDlogo std.png
vs. UPlogo std.png UP
[Show] 2016-04-10 22:00 01:00 07:00 13:00 12345 -
Game 2
SH Royal SH Royallogo std.png
vs. Wan Yoologo std.png WY
[Show] 2016-04-11 22:00 01:00 07:00 13:00 12345 -

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