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Frank Fang Gaming
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Team Information
Location: North America North America
Twitter: FrankFangGaming
Created (1): 2014-03-xx
Disbanded (1): 2014-06-29
Created (2): 2015-03-xx
Disbanded (2): 2015-06-01
Created (3): 2016-03-xx

Frank Fang Gaming is a North American team.


2015 Season

In March 2015, Frank Fang Gaming was reformed, with a roster including LattmaN, BonQuish, Moon, BrandownFtw, and goldenglue. They placed second in the AlphaDraft Challenger League, behind Misfits and ahead of Cloud9 Tempest. However, in the NACS Summer Qualifier, Frank Fang Gaming lost to Cloud9 Tempest in the first round of their bracket and were eliminated. Three days after their defeat, the team disbanded.

2016 Season

Frank Fang Gaming reformed once again in March 2016, this time with sights on the 2016 NACS Summer Season.


  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team
USA ShorterACE Ryan Nget 02 Jungle Eanixlogo std.png Eanix
USA Poppers OP Steven Cooper 03 Mid Eanixlogo std.png Eanix
USA Impactful Joshua Alan Mabrey 04 AD Eanixlogo std.png Eanix
Canada Bodydrop Adam Krauthaker 05 Support
USA Brandini Brandon Chen 01 Top P1logo std.png Phoenix1
Canada Licorice Eric Ritchie 01 Top C9logo std.png Cloud9 Challenger
USA InsanityXXX David 03 Mid Logo std2.png the monkeys
Canada Maplestreet Ainslie Wyllie 04 AD Carry Logo std2.png the monkeys
USA BrandonFtw Brandon Chen 01 Top T8logo std.png Team 8
USA Moon Galen Holgate 02 Jungle WFXlogo std.png Winterfox
USA goldenglue Greyson Gilmer 03 Mid T8logo std.png Team 8
USA Lattman James Lattman 04 AD TDKlogo std.png Team Dragon Knights
USA babyeator Terry Chuong 05 Support TDKlogo std.png Team Dragon Knights
USA BonQuish Alec Warren 05 Support Analystlogo std.png Analyst
USA Nientonsoh Zach Malhas 01 Top Team FusionLogo std.png Team Fusion
Canada Captain Ziploc William Despard 02 Jungle WGlogo std.png Wazabi Gaming



ID Name Position Next Team
China Soloside Frank Fang 11 Manager & Owner Eanixlogo std.png Eanix
USA v3lv3t Seth Reithmeyer Analyst
USA Dreamweaver James Bates Co-Coach
Canada Leviathan Jordan Thwaites Co-Coach WFXlogo std.png Winterfox
USA v3lv3t Seth Reithmeyer Stats Analyst Fictionlogo std.png Fiction eSports
Egypt hi im rogue Mohamed Elemam Analyst
USA Evaniskus Evan Stevens 11 Analyst
USA BonQuish Alec Warren 11 Analyst IMGlogo std.png Team Imagine
USA L0CUST Patrick Miller 11 Analyst
USA LighT Drake Porter Head Coach VTXlogo std.png Vortex

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-05-27 CS NA logo.png I1ZNQ 2015 NA Challenger Series Summer Qualifier 0 : 2 C9logo std.png Cloud9 Tempest
2014-06-19 CS NA logo.png A44th 2014 NA Challenger Series Summer #1 0 : 2 Crs Acadlogo std.png Curse Academy $ 2,000
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-05-28 I1ZNQ 2015 NA Challenger Series Summer Qualifier 0 : 2 C9logo std.png Cloud9 Tempest
2015-05-16 A22nd AlphaDraft Challenger League 2 : 3 MSF (NA)logo std.png Misfits NA $ 3,687.5
2015-05-10 A22nd Press Start LAN 2015 0 : 3 CSTlogo std.png Team Coast $ 2,500
2015-01-08 A99 - 16th ESL Pro Series America Season XI 0 : 2 Logo std2.png Team 321
2014-06-11 A22nd 2014 Black Monster Cup NA Summer 1 : 2 T8logo std.png Team 8 $ 3,500
In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-04-20 A22nd League One North American Cup Week 1 0 : 2 C9logo std.png Cloud9 Tempest $ 300
2014-06-07 A11st Go4LoL May Monthly Finals 2014 1 : 0 GFSlogo std.png Girlfriends $ 500
2014-04-23 A22nd National ESL Premier League Season VIII 0 : 2 T8logo std.png Team 8 $ 1,200

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