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Fnatic Academy
Team Information
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Coaches: Jean-Francois "Nuddle" Caron
Managers: Danijel "StreeT" Remus
Website: http://www.fnatic.com/
Sponsor(s): Fnatic Gear
Dafa eSports
Youtube: fnaticTV
Facebook: Fnatic
Twitter: FNATIC
Organization: Fnatic
Created (1): 2013-03-15
Disbanded (1): 2013-04-22
Created (2): 2015-01-20
Disbanded (2): 2015-03-??
Created (3): 2016-04-??

Fnatic Academy is a European team.


Fnatic Academy was officially formed in March 2013 by the Fnatic organization to compete in the Season 3 European Challenger Circuit. Fnatic originally announced their intention of forming a second team in late December 2012 after they announced that Rekkles would not be able to compete on the main Fnatic team in the Season 3 European Championship Series. The team existed until April 2013, when they disbanded.

In January 2015, Fnatic once again formed a second team, this time to compete in the 2015 EUCS Spring Qualifier. The initial roster included Kektz, XoYnUzi, avenuee, Scottlol, and NoXiAK, the roster of ranked 5s team PLATINRUSHH.[1] They were knocked out in the semifinals of the tournament by Different Dimension.

2016 Season

Fnatic Academy was re-created for the 2016 Summer EUCS Open Qualifier, built around support Klaj, formerly the support of the main Fnatic roster.


  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2013

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role Contract Ends
Current Official Residency Poland Kikis Mateusz Szkudlarek 01 Top -
Current Official Residency Denmark Broxah Mads Brock-Pedersen 02 Jungle -
Current Official Residency Belgium Nisqy Yasin Dincer 03 Mid -
Current Official Residency Denmark MrRalleZ Rasmus Skinneholm 04 AD -
Current Official Residency Sweden Klaj Johan Olsson 05 Support -


ID Name Role Next Team
United Kingdom Impaler Matthew Taylor 02 Jungle Humalogo std.png Huma
Slovenia Kektz Bor Jeršan 01 Top Logo std2.png Code Gaming
Austria XoYnUzi Zhou En-Qiang (周恩强) 02 Jungle TTDESlogo std.png Tick Trick Duck eSPORTS
Germany avenuee Mustafa Atalay 03 Mid ESGlogo std.png EURONICS Gaming
Germany Scottlol Dominik Blücher 04 AD ESClogo std.png ESC Gaming
Germany NoXiAK Lewis Felix 05 Support Mymlogo std.png MeetYourMakers
Netherlands Saphe Aaron van Slooten 01 Top
Finland Sairusq Kristian Husso 02 Jungle Mousesportlogo std.png mousesports
Denmark HawkDon Oliver Scholz Lønning 03 Mid Logo std2.png CJ Gaming
Sweden Rekkles Martin Larsson 04 AD PrideFClogo std.png PrideFC
Czech Republic Kazmitch Martin Hamalčík 05 Support Logo std2.png Benched Gaming
Czech Republic Mozilla Pavel Klaban 01 Top Logo std2.png Benched Gaming
Finland Janitin Jani Kuulas 03 Mid H2klogo std.png H2k-Gaming
France Exork Sébastien Lamorte 04 AD
Belgium SozPurefect Hicham Tazrhini 03 Mid



ID Name Position
United Kingdom Samuel Mathews Chairman & Co-Founder
United Kingdom Anne Mathews Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Sweden cArn Patrik Sättermon Chief Operating Officer
France DRUNKKZ3 Florian Le Bihan Team Operations Manager
United Kingdom Quaye Finlay Stewart Team Manager
Serbia StreeT Danijel Remus General Manager
Canada Kubz Kublai Barlas Coach

Team Achievements

In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-05-25 I1ZNQ 2016 EUCS Summer Qualifier 1 : 4 Blanklogo std.pngGroup Stage (W/L)
2015-01-22 I1ZNQ 2015 EU Challenger Series Spring Qualifier 0 : 2 DDlogo std.png Different Dimension
2013-03-30 A33rd Copenhagen Games 2013 0 : 1 RoughNeXlogo std.png RoughNeX € 1,000
In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-05-10 I1Q 2016 EUCS Summer Open Qualifier 2 : 0 Illr Glogo std.png Illuminar Honor Gaming

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