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June 21st
Origen James MacCormack joins as the new head coach.
June 19th
G2 Hoang joins the team as a new sub while loulex leaves.
Mysterious Monkeys Amazing and Kikis joins the team. Jisu leaves the team.
Fnatic Amazing and Kikis leaves the team.
June 18th
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Mysterious Monkeys Lamabear and Jisu announces their free agency.
June 17th
Phoenix1 MIKEYEUNG joins the team.
June 16th
Phoenix1 Xpecial joins.
Team Dignitas Xpecial leaves. Altec and Adrian join the team.
FlyQuest Altec leaves.
June 13th
HWA Achuu joins the team.
Riot Patch v7.12 is released.
June 12th
FW Due to unsportsmanlike conduct that occurred last week, Karsa shall be suspended for an unspecified period of time. Because of this, REFRA1N from J Teamlogo std.png J Team will be loaned to fill in the spot. After the suspension is over he will be traded back.
Kongdoo Monster Wilder leaves the team.
June 11th
EVOS RonOP joins the team.
Vega Squadron delord joins the team.
Paris Saint-Germain Nardeus and Noxiak joins.
June 9th
Paris Saint-Germain Steve leaves.
June 8th
HKA dan and Once join the team.
Team Aurora Godbro joins the team.
Misfits Hiiva joins as the new Strategic Coach.
June 7th
Euronics Gaming Pretty joins
GIANTS! Gaming Jactroll joins
S04 Kadir and Nikola joins as the team's new Subs.
Wind and Rain The new roster is announced! Jwaow, Dan, Larssen, Woolite, and AoD join.
June 5th
GMB.CIS PvPStejos, Kira, Blasting and Edward join.
June 3rd
P1 Allorim joins as the sub Top Laner.
Tempo Reven joins the line up that includes Quas, Wiggily, SELFIE, and Sheep. Cella, JJ, and Head Coach LS join as well. Hatrixx and Zentinel leave the team.
Origen Dan Dan, xani, SRH, DarkSide, and Quixeth leaves the team.
Wind and Rain Dan Dan, xani, SRH, DarkSide, and Quixeth leaves the team.
June 2nd
S04 Kadir joins the team.
Paris Saint-Germain NoXiAK joins while YellOwStaR is added to the roster.
Delta Fox Dyrus, scarra, Imaqtpie, Voyboy, and Shiphtur join the team.
June 1st
Giants New roster announced! Ruin, Gilius, Jiizuke, Minitroupax, Th3Antonio, and Joo join as the new lineup.
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Patch v7.11 is released.
May 31st
Wind and Rain Lee Joo Ho departs from his Coaching position.
May 30th p1noy and Clover join as the new AD Carry and Sub. Mikail Artemyev joins as the new Manager with Bogden Ivasik joining as the new Analyst. In exchange, Blasting, Aoi Haru and the previous Manager Anton Boyko leave the team.
Rascal Jester Lavie joins as the new starting Mid while alleycat is moved to Sub.
MnM Gaming Luddehz announces free agency.
KT Rolster Chance is released from the team.
May 29th
CREW eSports Corpse rejoins the team.
AGO Gaming HosaN announces free agency.
MnM Gaming Larssen and Rifty announce their free agency.
Team Kinguin Flaxxish, Visdom, and Woolite announce that they are free agents.
May 28th
Wind and Rain and Red Bulls qualify for the EUCS Summer Season.
Tricked eSports Atom, Wendelbo, p1noy, Taikki and Godbro leave the team.
MnM Gaming Kadir announces free agency.
Kaos Latin Gamers Pierre joins as the team's new Coach.
Young Glory Sweet joins as the team's new Coach.
May 27th
Echo Fox Feng and Mash join the team's roster, Inero joins as the new Head Coach.
SuperMassive Dumbledoge leaves the team to become a free agent and Lethilion steps down from his coaching position.
May 26th
Echo Fox heavenTime leaves his coaching position on the team.
SuperMassive Tolerant joins the team.
May 25th
FLY WildTurtle joins.
TSM WildTurtle leaves.
SKT T1 Untara joins the team.
OPL Prowler has been suspended until Split 1 of 2018 season due to continued toxicity.
Av Chelby has been suspended for 2 matches for toxicity.
OPL Decoy has been suspended for 2 matches for toxicity.
May 24th
GIGABYTE Marines Stark leaves the team.
OPK Yampi and Garotumb join the team.
Euronics Gaming Broeki joins the team as a Coach.
Longzhu Gaming Expression leaves the team while Khan and Rascal join.
G2 Esports Duggman joins as the Team Manager and Analyst.
HKeS OzoraVeki leaves the team.
Team Regicide Team fined $1,000 AUD and forfeits one ban in their Week 1 OPL Split 2 match for being unable to turn in an active roster before the deadline.
May 23rd
Ever8 Winners OldB and Kkyul leave the team.
HWA Gaming Marshall, Cognac, and Panky leave the team.
G2 loulex joins the team.
TL goldenglue goes back to the mid lane while Piglet returns to being the ADC!
S04 loulex leaves the team.
iG Kitties retires.
GIGABYTE Marines Slay leaves the team.
Burning Core Zerost joins the team.
CJ Entus Reach leaves his Head Coach position and is replaced by ViNtlCat.
Ninjas in Pyjamas Acquire the spot of Fnatic Academy for the 2017 EUCS Summer Season. The roster includes: Profit, Shook, Nagne, HeaQ, sprattel, Zhergoth, and Hoon. NicoThePico will be joining the team as the Head Coach.
SKT T1 Profit leaves the team.
Fnatic Dylan Falco joins the team as the new Head Coach.
May 22nd
Phoenix1 Fixer leaves the team.
Millenium The new roster is announced! Bloomster Finn, Nerroh, Kruimel, Murmel, Akutsune, Choupa and last but not least, MTC Ta join the team.
Gaming Gaming The new roster is announced! ChumpJohn joins the team with Wikko joining as a jungler sub. Tesz becomes the teams new Analyst while Urek Mazin0 leaves the team.
ROCCAT Pridestalker joins the team.
May 21st
Team Vitality Shaunz leaves the team.
Gold Coin United Fly joins the team.
Longzhu Gaming Fly leaves the team.
MSI logo.png
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SKT1Logo std.png SK Telecom T1
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G2logo std.png G2 Esports at 2017 Mid-Season Invitational.
May 20th
Dash9 Gaming Zeypher joins the team.
Young Glory 1ntruder joins the team.
LGD cool joins the team while 1ntruder, Funny, sukiM, and Croc leaves the team.
Newbee cool leaves the team while corn joins the team.
INF CR Relic and Leozuxo joins the team.
RNG Koro1, y4, wuxx, Y1HAN and join the team.
EDG Koro1 leaves the team.
Royal Club Xuan joins the team. wuxx leaves the team.
Young Glory TANK joins the team.
Snake Esports TANK leaves the team.
Longzhu Gaming Crash leaves the team.
Ever8 Winners Hachani joins the team.
May 19th
VG Crash and Martin join the team. HeTong, bengi, and PoohManDu leave the team.
iG The Shy, West, and Ning join the team.
Jin Air Ccomet joins as a coach.
DIG Saintvicious re-joins the team as a coach.
Team Liquid Saintvicious leaves the team.
Royal Club inSec leaves the team.
Red Bulls Team is announced along with their roster list: Thal, Moojin, Magifelix, Sedrion,kaSing, and Izpah as their head coach.
Team Kinguin Dan, Visdom, Flaxxish join the team.
Mysterious Monkeys Mysterious Monkeys acquire MSF.Alogo std.png Misfits Academy's 2017 EU LCS Summer Season spot and roster. Jisu, cozQ, Yuuki60, Dreams, andLamabear join. Unlimited joins as the head coach of the team.
Newbee Vasilii joins the team.
May 18th
KT Rolster Chandong joins the team as a sub support.
Predators eSports RafaL0L joins the team.
INF CR Zelt joins the team as a sub for mid lane. Akari becomes the team's analyst.
Immortals SSONG joins as the team's new head coach.
Rebirth eSports The new roster is announced, Fitz, Ominick, Kiri, s0ra, and Codpiece join the team.
May 17th
HK Attitude HKESlogo std.png Hong Kong Esports re-brands to become HKAlogo std.png HK Attitude. Tabe joins as the new head coach.
Rebirth eSports Enatsu becomes the new head coach.
KaBuM! e-Sports Atlana and Freire joins the team.
Infinity eSports CR Gralou leaves while Baula joins the team.
ZTG Baula leaves the team.
May 16th
Kaos Latin Gamers Focho joins the team.
Tempo Storm Selfie and LS join as mid and head coach respectively.
Predators eSports Snow retires.
IMT Stunt and AnDa join as in-house substitutes.
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Patch v7.10 is released.
Millenium Steal leaves.
May 15th
nV Nisqy and Pirean join the team.
P1 Pirean leaves.
Fnatic Nisqy leaves.
Dash9 Gaming Totti leaves.
Team Aurora Cheong joins.
Red Canids Rhuckz joins as a sub.
Burning Core Burning Core acquires the LJL Summer Split slot of DTNGlogo std.png DetonatioN Rising along with their roster.
May 14th
Team Aurora S0NSTAR joins the team.
May 13th
RBT Khynm leaves the team.
Dark Passage Broken Blade and Treatz join the team. Blumigan joins the team as the new Head Coach.
May 12th
Vici Gaming Bengi is released via unanimous vote by team.
M19 Likkrit suspended by Riot for 3 matches for toxic behavior.
Dark Passage Cinkrof joins the team.
CLG Dardoch joins, while Xmithie leaves.
IMT Xmithie joins, while Dardoch leaves.
May 11th
Red Canids Brucer leaves the team.
May 10th
Giants Flaxxish leaves the team.
SuperMassive Dumbledoge will be departing from the team after 2017 Mid-Season Invitational has concluded.
eUnited Dandy and GBM join.
Phoenix1 Stunt leaves.
May 9th
Misfits KaKAO leaves. Maxlore joins as the starting jungler.
Misfits InnerFlame joins as the General Manager.
ROCCAT Maxlore leaves.
May 8th
Dark Passage Obvious and Shanei leaves.
CNB Strong joins the team as the coach. Lustboy joins as an analyst.
ahq LBB joins the team.
Euronics Gaming Pandar and Wardain leave.
May 6th
Giants S0NSTAR departs from his position as the Strategic coach.
May 5th
Misfits Academy Misfits Academy parts ways with their adc Yuuki60, top Jisu and their mid laner CozQ along with fellow teammates Dreams and Unlimited.
Splyce The team gains Gevous as their new head coach. GuySake also joins as the teams analyst.
Lyon MarioMe joins the team.
KaBuM! e-Sports Danagorn leaves the team.
IMT Hermes departs from the team.
May 4th
Kaos Latin Gamers Slow joins.
paiN Gaming MiT departs from his head coach position.
Team Vitality YamatoCannon joins the team as Head Coach.
May 3rd
Vega Squadron Sharkz re-joins as the head coach while Edward leaves.
H2k Stardust departs from his assistant coach position.
Operation Kino Dionrray departs from his coaching position.
LDLC Airwaks joins the team as starting jungler.
May 2th
TLA Cake leaves.
Red Canids YoDa retires.
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Patch v7.9 is released.
May 1th
Red Canids Brokenshard will remain head coach on the team.
Schalke 04 Veteran leaves.