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Monthly Finals Bracket

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Europe Inglorious Retards 1
 Europe Inglorious Retards 0
 France Against All Authority 1
 Finland Itkuvirsi 0
 France Against All Authority 1
 France Against All Authority 1
 Europe Fureur International 0
 Europe topELO 0
 Europe Fureur International 1
 Europe Fureur International 1
 Europe SK Gaming 0
 Germany Dimegio 0
 Europe SK Gaming 1

Weekly Cups

Weekly Cups
Date Cup # 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5-8th
100pts + €100 75pts 60pts 40pts 25pts
2010-09-05 #01 Europe Inglorious Retards Finland Itkuvirsi Europe topELO Europe Fureur International Europe WE WEAR CAPES IRL Germany nuBreed Denmark Geeks Inc. France 3DMAX
2010-09-12 #02 France YKY Europe SK Gaming Germany Dimegio Europe topELO France 3DMAX Germany nuBreed Finland Itkuvirsi
2010-09-19 #03 Europe SK Gaming Europe Inglorious Retards France Against All Authority Finland Itkuvirsi Germany TEAM-LEVEL 6 Europe Fuzzy Bunnies Germany Dimegio
2010-09-26 #04 Europe Inglorious Retards Europe topELO Europe Fureur International Germany Team Testo France 3DMAX Finland Itkuvirsi France Against All Authority

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