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Article:ESportspedia Press Release

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eSportspedia Press Release
April 18, 2014

As a result of events that occurred in early March, the staff of Leaguepedia have separated from Gamepedia and the Curse Network, in an effort to launch a new website: With eSportspedia, we look to reinvigorate our efforts to provide the ultimate competitive League of Legends resource for the community.

Leaguepedia co-Founder and former President Matt Gunnin will still oversee eSportspedia, but in a very limited capacity. Nathan Mooney, formerly the Director of Marketing for Leaguepedia, will be operating as President of eSportspedia and will be in charge of day-to-day activity.

Nathan’s statement on the launch of eSportspedia:

My staff and I all place a singular priority on the community. Our goal, ever since Leaguepedia’s inception almost two years ago, has been to create the ultimate community-driven League of Legends eSports reference. We strove to provide a resource that would benefit the community as much as possible through completeness and accuracy to the minute.

When we first partnered with Curse, it was out of the belief that the partnership would allow us to achieve that goal better. We know now that was not the case, and so in order to return to our vision of creating the best possible resource for the community, it is necessary for us to move on and separate from Curse. What I regret the most is that for the past month, during the transition, the resource that has come to be relied on by so many has not been up-to-date, and I thank everyone for their patience and support. eSportspedia is, and always will be, a community-first resource.

eSportspedia is an independent resource for the community, we have no ties to any larger organization or entity. Any questions about the relaunch that aren’t fully explained by the FAQ at the end of this release should be directed to [email protected] or @LoLeSportspedia. Our primary goal at eSportspedia remains to provide news and information from the competitive scene to the community that has supported us since the beginning. We are excited about the future of eSportspedia, and we hope to continue bringing the League of Legends community the go-to resource that has been associated with our efforts!

eSportspedia is run by volunteers and is always looking for passionate individuals to aid us in providing the best site and coverage experience possible. If you’re interested, we encourage you to contact us at or look at the application links at the end of the FAQ.


Will the content of eSportspedia stay the same---will you still publish interviews, articles, etc? Absolutely! Only our name has changed. Our mission is still the same, and that is to provide a comprehensive resource for all information regarding League of Legends eSports. That means the wiki, stats, live coverage, articles, interviews---everything.

Is this legal? Yes. Leaguepedia was licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license, which is the same license under which eSportspedia is going to be released, and we will be providing attribution. Additionally, no staff members of eSportspedia have contracts of any sort with Curse.

Is eSportspedia owned by or affiliated with Azubu? No. Rumors have been spread to that effect, but we are an independent organization with no parent company (nor are we looking for one). Azubu did hire several staff members of Leaguepedia, but the organizations are, and remain to be, separate entities.

What will happen to @LeaguepediaLive, the radio, and other live coverage? Absolutely nothing! We will continue to provide all live coverage services, just under our new name; you’ll find @LeaguepediaLive is now [@eSPediaLive]. You’ll be able to find our radio at [].

Where can I find your social media?

Facebook: []

Twitter: []

Twitter Live Coverage: []

Google Plus: [+eSportspedia]

If you care so much, why hasn’t Leaguepedia been updated in so long? It took a lot of work for us to move domains, and we couldn’t update the live version at the same time. None of our staff has edited Leaguepedia since March 11th. Instead, we wanted to focus all of our effort into launching eSportspedia, and we hope you agree with us that it was worth it!

Your new name is eSportspedia. Does that mean you’ll be covering other games too? At the moment, we’re focused entirely on getting back on our feet 100%, but there is a definite goal to add additional games to our eSportspedia family.

How can I help? Edit the wiki! This new site will continue to be community-driven, so that means that anyone will be able to edit the Wiki, just like with the old site. Turn off adblock for our site! We keep the site running through advertisements, and we try to make sure they don’t get in the way for your viewing pleasure. We will also be accepting donations to ensure we can maintain server costs; stay tuned for a link. If you’re interested in applying to be a part of our staff, you can use the following links:

General App: []

Journalism: []

Live Coverage: []

Wiki: []

Statistics: []

Graphics: []

In particular, we’re looking for people to help out with live coverage---think you can livetweet games from [@eSPediaLive]? Then apply to help us out!

Published on 18. Apr 2014
Written by David "TheDynasty" Spitler- @TheDynastyLoL and "RheingoldRiver" - @rheingoldriver

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97 days ago
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Proud of you guys!


97 days ago
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Glad to see this up and running!


93 days ago
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Onwards, to glory!


90 days ago
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What happens now with Leaguepedia?
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