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2017 Season

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  • North America
  • Europe
  • Korea
  • China
  • TW/HK/MO
  • International
  • LCS
NA LCS 2015.png
Regular Season
Jun 6th - Aug 6th 2017

1. Immortals 7-1 (14-6)
2. Counter Logic Gaming 6-2 (13-9)
3. Team Dignitas 5-2 (12-8)
4. Team Solomid 5-2 (11-5)
5. Cloud9 4-3 (10-6)
6. Echo Fox 3-4 (8-8)
7. Team EnVyUs 3-4 (8-10)
8. FlyQuest 1-6 (4-12)
9. Team Liquid 1-6 (3-13)
10. Phoenix1 1-6 (6-12)
Latest News
June 22nd
Team Liquid Inori joins Team Liquid
June 21st
Origen James MacCormack joins as the new head coach.
June 19th
G2 Hoang joins the team as a new sub while loulex leaves.
Mysterious Monkeys Amazing and Kikis joins the team. Jisu leaves the team.
Fnatic Amazing and Kikis leaves the team.
June 18th
ESPD Missed week 3 of the LCS? Feel free to check out our Match Details & Vods pages for North America and Europe!
Mysterious Monkeys Lamabear and Jisu announces their free agency.
June 17th
Phoenix1 MIKEYEUNG joins the team.
June 16th
Phoenix1 Xpecial joins.
Team Dignitas Xpecial leaves. Altec and Adrian join the team.
FlyQuest Altec leaves.
June 13th
HWA Achuu joins the team.
Riot Patch v7.12 is released.
June 12th
FW Due to unsportsmanlike conduct that occurred last week, Karsa shall be suspended for an unspecified period of time. Because of this, REFRA1N from J Teamlogo std.png J Team will be loaned to fill in the spot. After the suspension is over he will be traded back.
Kongdoo Monster Wilder leaves the team.
June 11th
EVOS RonOP joins the team.
Vega Squadron delord joins the team.
Paris Saint-Germain Nardeus and Noxiak joins.
June 9th
Paris Saint-Germain Steve leaves.
June 8th
HKA dan and Once join the team.
Team Aurora Godbro joins the team.
Misfits Hiiva joins as the new Strategic Coach.

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Tournament Match Countdown
OPL 2017 Split 2
LGC LGClogo std.png vs TMlogo std.png tM
LPL 2017 Summer
OMG OMGlogo std.png vs Newbeelogo std.png Newbee
LPL 2017 Summer
SNG SNGlogo std.png vs Lgdlogo std.png LGD
OPL 2017 Split 2
DW DWlogo std.png vs Abysslogo std.png Abyss
LCK 2017 Summer
Samsung Samsunglogo std.png vs JAGlogo std.png Jin Air
LMS 2017 Summer
FBL FBLlogo std.png vs M17logo std.png M17
LPL 2017 Summer
JDG JDGlogo std.png vs RNGlogo std.png RNG
LCK 2017 Summer
LZ LongZhulogo std.png vs Freecslogo std.png AFs
LMS 2017 Summer
ahq AHQLogo std.png vs Raiselogo std.png Raise
LCL 2017 Summer
Vega Vegalogo std.png vs GMB.CISlogo std.png GMB.CIS
CBLOL/2017 Season/Winter Season
kStars KStarslogo std.png vs ProGlogo std.png ProG
LCL 2017 Summer
RoX RoXlogo std.png vs M19logo std.png M19
LCL 2017 Summer
GMB.CIS GMB.CISlogo std.png vs VPlogo std.png VP
CBLOL/2017 Season/Winter Season
INTZ INTZlogo std.png vs Painlogo std.png paiN
LCL 2017 Summer
RoX RoXlogo std.png vs VVTlogo std.png VVT
LCL 2017 Summer
Na'Vi Navilogo std.png vs VPlogo std.png VP
LCL 2017 Summer
Just Alpha Just Alphalogo std.png vs VVTlogo std.png VVT
NA LCS 2017 Summer
TSM Tsmlogo std.png vs EFXlogo std.png EFX
NA LCS 2017 Summer
Liquid Liquidlogo std.png vs P1logo std.png P1
NA LCS 2017 Summer
C9 C9logo std.png vs Dignitaslogo std.png d
NA LCS 2017 Summer
FLY FLYlogo std.png vs NVlogo std.png nV
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Current Patch: v7.12
Featured Mode: Hunt of the Blood Moon (6/23 - 6/26)