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2016 Season

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2016 WCS logo.png
Sep 29th - Oct 29th 2016

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  SKT1Logo std.png SKT T1 3
  RNGlogo std.png RNG 1
  SKT1Logo std.png SKT T1 3
  KOOlogo std.png ROXT 2
  KOOlogo std.png ROXT 3
  EDGlogo std.png EDG 1
  SKT1Logo std.png SKT T1
  Samsunglogo std.png Samsung
  Samsunglogo std.png Samsung 3
  C9logo std.png C9 0
  Samsunglogo std.png Samsung 3
  H2klogo std.png H2k 0
  H2klogo std.png H2k 3
  ANXlogo std.png ANX 0

Latest News
October 20th
News Label - Europe.png PSGlogo std.png PSG YellOwStaR joins as head of esports.
News Label - Korea.png Kongdoo Monsterlogo std.png KM Hipo and Crush leave.
October 19th
News Label - Europe.png Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic YellOwStaR retires.
News Label - International.png
Patch v6.21 is released.
October 18th
News Label - CIS.png GMB.CISlogo std.png GMB.CIS Diamondprox rejoins.
October 16th
News Label - Latin America South.png FGlogo std.png FG Neki joins as temporary head coach for LAS 2017 Pre Season Cup.
October 15th
News Label - Brazil.png
Gold.png CNB govTLogo std.png CNB Infinity Silver.png Logo std2.png HLH in Logitech Challenge Brasil 2016.
October 14th
News Label - Turkey.png FENlogo std.png FEN Roster and slot of Logo std2.png SUP TNG is acquired.
News Label - Europe.png S04logo std.png S04 Gilius leaves.
News Label - Europe.png Basklogo std.png Bask Werlyb joins.
News Label - Europe.png Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic Werlyb leaves.
News Label - Latin America South.png LKlogo std.png LK Sou joins.

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Tournament Match Countdown
IEM Challenger - Oakland Qual.
INTZ INTZlogo std.png vs KLGlogo std.png KLG
IEM Challenger - Oakland Qual.
Lyon Lyonlogo std.png vs Chiefslogo std.png Chiefs
IEM Challenger - Oakland Qual. WB Final
IEM Challenger - Oakland Qual. LB Final
IEM Challenger - Oakland Qual. Decider
Worlds 2016 Opening Ceremony
Worlds 2016
SKT T1 SKT1Logo std.png vs Samsunglogo std.png Samsung
IEM Challenger - Gyeonggi Qual.
Vega Vegalogo std.png vs SAJlogo std.png SAJ
IEM Challenger - Gyeonggi Qual.
DP Dark PassageLogo std.png vs Rampagelogo std.png RPG
IEM Challenger - Gyeonggi Qual. WB Final
IEM Challenger - Gyeonggi Qual. LB Final
IEM Challenger - Gyeonggi Qual. Decider
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Renekton 2.jpgKatarina 8.jpgJanna 2.jpgLulu 3.jpgJinx 0.jpgJayce 0.jpgZilean 0.jpgOrianna 0.jpg


Current Patch: v6.20
Featured Mode: Definitely Not Dominion (10/07 - 10/10)